A Bit About Me

I began my career in 2007 as a Technical Artist and have since worked towards more challenging roles.
Digging in to projects and finding solutions to problems is something I find deeply satisfying.

Working with code and computer graphics has been a passion of mine for most of my life. Beyond just writing code, I've had experience with creating real-time models, textures, animations, and lighting as well. After taking the time to set all these pieces up, I always wanted to interact with them in more dynamic ways. This ultimately led me down the path of learning more about game and application development.

Throughout the course of my career I've worked on projects for mobile (Android/iOS) applications, VR/AR applications, web-based applications, and desktop applications. Having such a varied work history, along with my eagerness to learn about new technology, has made me into more of a generalist developer. My strength lies in my flexibility though - I am a quick learner and am able to prioritize project goals in terms of client demands and fluctuating deadlines.


A few examples of projects I've been a part of. View my work page for more.

Sparkypants : Dropzone

My main role on this project was creating various standalone tools for its proprietary game engine. Written in C++ and using Coherent UI middleware - I was responsible for creating each tool and maintaining its functionality based on feature requests, user needs, and project requirements.

Bully! Entertainment :
AR Examples

I had the opportunity to work on a number of these projects setting up various aspects including: UI/UX, animation systems, camera systems, and augmented reality.

Skill Overview

A few things I've picked up along the way.

  • Programming/Scripting

    Maxscript (3ds Max)
  • Software/Source Control

    Visual Studio
    Autodesk 3ds Max/Maya
    Adobe Photoshop

More Details?

Visit my work page for project-specific details or find out more about me from my résumé. Visit my Linkedin page to get in touch.