This section is dedicated to some of the larger projects I've worked on. Listed on this page are a few of my favorites, but you can also find my traditional gallery if you follow the link below:

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My main responsibility on this project was to create terrain and buildings for each of the environments seen in this video. The geometry was created using a combination of 3D Studio Max, satellite data from the USGS, and a bit of Max scripting. All the locations are real-world places and were created accurately to scale. More information and images can be found here: Gentleman Scholar Website >>



Puma Punku was a great project to work on. Eliezer Medina and I had a lot of fun with it and learned quite a bit in the process. It was my first endeavor of such a magnitude using Actionscript 3. Eliezer did all of the art and animations. I did all of the programming, and designed a few UI elements as well.
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Mosbe is a program designed by Breakaway as a tool for users to customize their own environments and build simulations of various types (usually military). This was the first project I was on right out of college. I learned quite a lot about satellite data and terrain/environment work. My responsibilities included: modeling, texturing, animating, satellite data processing/cleanup, and general tech-artist work such as creating tools and scripts. I've placed a few images below of some models and terrains I worked on for this project.
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